Shakeela sex image strikes the Internet.

Published: Mon 15th Mar 2010 02:22 AM
Shakeela sex image strikes the Internet.
Shakeela sex image strikes the Internet.
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Shakeela, one time the sex goddess of Malayalam industry has slowly spread her arms across entire South India with her most fantasy erotic activities on screen. Now, it is the time for this soft spice queen to leave the industry as she is getting married.

Be aware of Shakeela, as her marriage may pose a big threat to your professional and personal life. How…ask me? A forwarded mail with the title of ‘Shakeela Marriage Pics’ has been wandering in Internet circles from few days and one who really wants to have a glance of the pity face of the bride groom is easily prone to click the link. That is all, your link with your PC is gone as deadly virus (more deadly than sexy Shakeela) will attack your system.

The only way to get rid of this virus is just delete the mail before Shakeela really tempts you to press the enter button.

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