Bunny To Show His Comedy Angle

Wed 16th May 2018 04:48 PM

Allu Arjun in introspective mood

allu arjun
Allu arjun
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Stylish Star Allu Arjun pinned high hopes on his recent release Naa Peru Surya-Naa Illu India directed by Vakkantam Vamsi. He underwent remarkable transformation as an army officer for which he won the applause from the movie lovers and critics. However the film failed to live up to the high expectations.

Movie lovers who expected a wholesome entertainer from Bunny didn’t like the way he showed his anger throughout the film. Now Bunny who is in the introspection mood according to sources decided to show his comedy angle in his upcoming entertainer. 

People cannot forget the comedy he did in Race Gurram and Julaayi which both turned out to be hits. So Bunny decided to connect chords with comedy angle and is waiting for the directors who come with a full length comedy script. It has to be seen who will satisfy Allu Arjun!

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