Common Man's Letter to Sri Reddy

Mon 16th Apr 2018 05:16 PM

Common Man Writes an Open Letter to Sri Reddy

Common Man Writes a Letter to Sri Reddy
Common Man Writes a Letter to Sri Reddy
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It is a known news that upcoming actress Sri Reddy shot to fame with her strange act in front of film chamber some days ago. Thereupon, some news channels have been inviting Sri Reddy for debates everyday. Having seen these interesting developments a common man wrote an open letter to Sri Reddy which appears to be thought provoking. Following are the excerpts of the letter.

* Firstly congratulations to you for initiating a movement to bring a complete change in the film industry. I too like to join your protests. However, I have some doubts crept in which are hoped to be solved by you.

* You have been in film industry for a decade and you have just acted in two disaster films. And no one knows what roles have been played by you in those films. But then , how could you lead a life with a monthly expenses of Rs.2 lakhs all these years? And have you been maintaining a luxurious car and an apartment these years?

* It is heard that you came from a below middle class family. However, the way the attires chosen by you costs Rs.1 lakh per month. Who give you money for all these expenditures?

* You said some people had assured you to provide opportunities. Have they cheated you without your consent and without your involvement? If there was any person who had cheated you without were you visiting clubs and pubs? 

* You have been in film industry for ten years. Why haven't you got the idea to fight against casting couch when you were first cheated?

* It is rumoured that both Abhiram and you moved closely for some days and got separated. And which is why you are making an issue now?

* You are comparing Telugu and Tamil actresses. Are you really more beautiful than Anushka, Tamannah, Samantha, Nithya Menon, Rakul and Shruthi Haasan? And can you act better than them?

* Casting couch has been in existence in film industry for a long time. Even then, should the people who don't have beauty and acting prowess be given opportunities? Are Madhavi Latha, Archana, Suhasini that great actresses? Can any producer dare to do a film roping in you as a heroine?

* If at all you are sincere at your protest, you could have gone to police station and would log a complaint on casting couch and on Abhiram issue. Instead, you have gone to TV debates for sensationalism. As a matter of fact, none of the TV channels and other media solved any major issue so far. Media has used you to the fullest. When they get bored of you, they will give you up. 

* Already there was a damage occurred for you. After the recent issues, no producer would dare to give opportunity in movies. News channels have already spoiled your career. You will know the reality only after three months.

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