Tholi Prema Review

Sat 10th Feb 2018 05:20 PM

Tholi Prema Movie Review

Tholi Prema Film Review
Tholi Prema Film Review
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Movie's Name : Tholi Prema

Release date : February 10, 2018

Cast : Varun Tej, Raashi Khanna, Suhasini, Priyadarshi, Hyper Adhi and others

Director : Venky Atluri

Producer : BVSN Prasad

Music Director : SS.Thaman

Cinematographer : George C Williams

Editing : Navin Nooli

Tholi Prema Review, What’s Behind?:

Mega Prince Varun Tej's previous offing Fidaa registered the biggest blockbuster success at the box office. He teamed up with Venky Atluri for yet another complete romantic entertainer Tholi Prema. And Raashi Khanna played his love interest. Let's see how well the movie has been carved out. 

Tholi Prema Story Review:

Aditya (Varun Tej) is a youth who happens meet a young lady Varsha (Raashi Khanna) in a train on his journey from Vizag to Hyderabad. And it's a love at first sight for him. The couple, however, gets separated when they reach their destination. They meet again in a college where they get admitted for further studies. They fall for each other. Nevertheless, their love doesn't last longer. A couple of sequences lead to their break up and six years run out. But then, what happens after six years? Does the couple meet and get their issues resolved? Is there a happy ending to their love and break up story? And all these things form rest of the story.

Tholi Prema Artists, Technicians Review:

Director Venky Atluri came up with arresting screen play, story and direction.His sensible depiction of showcasing variations in hero and heroine's characterizations was at top notch. The railway station scene, college episode and dialogues between lead star cast in both the halves were emotive, tender and tear-jerking. Thaman's background score and songs composition are exceptional and perhaps, place the music in his career's best. And next comes George C Williams cinematography. The DoP captured fascinating locales of London in a cutting-edge manner. Naveen Nooli was at his best in editing.

Having been projected, himself, as a lover boy in Fidaa, Varun took giant strides in an aggressive but lovable character in Tholi Prema. His amelioration in all sectors such as performance, body language, dances and fight sequences deserve a pat on the back. Raashi Khanna looked more dazzling and matured than before. Her attitude was well portrayed in every frame. If Varun Tej goes belligerent, Raashi is seen as cool as a cucumber. Suhasini, who is seen as hero's mother, is well balanced and veteran Naresh is shown as a caste biased person thus bring about laurels. Priyadarshi and Hyper Aadhi also did a great job to provide hilarious comedy in the film.

Tholi Prema Review Advantages:

Varun Tej

Raashi Khanna



Screen Play, Direction

Tholi Prema Review Drawbacks:

One liner story

Some lapses in second half

Tholi Prema Review Rating Analysis:

Tholiprema's beginning was terrific. Entire railway station episode that has impressive conversation between Varun Tej and Raashi and the portrayal of Ninnila song stand the best moments in the film. And then comes hero and heroine's lip-lock scene in a car which definitely tickles the hearts of youth. College scenes were refreshing. Comparatively, Raashi's attitude was projected better than hero's. It was felt hero shouldn't have shown that anger on heroine for a petty reason. As a result, sympathy turns on her in some of the scenes in the second half. Yet, ego issues are quite common among lovers and so were well connected to the youth. 

While the first half delineates breezy romance between the couple, we have some hilarious moments from Hyper Aadhi, Priyadarshi and Naresh in the second half apart from the emotional love track on the couple.  

And the climax tugs the hearts again with the reunion of lovers ending all of their issues. And do you know, how they were united? With a deep lip-lock, indeed! Of course, there need not be any other gesture required to express love.

All in all, Tholi Prema offers great romantic stuff that targets mostly youth and families. Hooked up with all merits and demerits, CJ adjudges the film with rating 3.25 stars.


THOLI PREMA PUNCHLINE: A Love Journey in Three Phases!


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