List of Chiru Conspirators?

Wed 06th Dec 2017 07:06 PM

Are These Chiranjeevi's Conspirators?

Chiranjeevi's Conspirators List?
Chiranjeevi's Conspirators List?
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The Janasena chief and Power Star Pawan Kalyan delivered quite an emotional speech which excited the Janasena activists and mega fans to the core. In fact, the words uttered by Power Star today have eagerly been being awaited by all mega fans for a long time. Since Pawan Kalyan officially proclaimed that he wouldn't leave anyone who conspired against his brother Megastar Chiranjeevi when the latter launched PRP and contested in 2009's general elections. Mega fans have got overjoyed hearing the most penetrating words from the vocal cords of Power Star. According to mega fans and political analysts, following are the conspirators of Chiranjeevi and PRP.

KESINENI NANI: According to analysts Kesineni Nani stands at number one conspirator of PRP. As per Chandrababu's advice, he joined PRP as a TDP's covert and left the party within no time slinging mud on the party.

PARAKALA PRABHAKAR: He worked as official spokesperson of PRP then. Leaving a shocker to everyone, he took a dig on Chiranjeevi and PRP at the time of elections. "His conspiracy against PRP is ever remembered in the history," says an observer. 

CASTE BIASED YELLOW MEDIA: Some caste biased yellow media initially appeared to have supported during the launch of PRP. However, within no time, their conspiracy was disclosed. They had lot of impact on PRP's defeat. Their Goebbels propaganda on PRP was trusted by the people which eventually led PRP's defeat. 

YSR: As a CM of AP, he tried his best PRP wouldn't get symbol for elections. Unfortunately, he is not with us now.

CHANDRABABU NAIDU: As per his directions, Kesineni Nani and many others joined PRP and did considerable damage to the party. Moreover pro TDP's media resorted to Goebbel's propanda as per his directions. 

OTHERS: Post the defeat of PRP many leaders of PRP such as Mithra, Samaram, Krishnam Raju, many MLAs and others left the party. Had they been with the party for some more years, PRP could have got strengthened in subsequent years.

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