'Kedi' heroine's blue film!

Published: Mon 15th Feb 2010 09:08 AM
'Kedi' heroine's blue film!
'Kedi' heroine's blue film!
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Kedi’ has been an eye grabber for one more subject other than Nagarjuna and that is Katrina Kaif’s knife like sister Isabella Khan who striked hard at Bollywood in the name of blue film which has been making waves in internet.

Although Katrina Kaif was supporting her sister by condemning the news that the video on internet is morphed but here comes one more sensation around this entire episode connected to ‘Kedi’ movies second heroine.

Two foreigner sisters named Nadia and Poula whom Nagarjuna saves from brothel house in Goa are a part of this ‘Kedi’ movie. First girl Nadia is gossiped to have been exactly looking alike of rasagulla like Isabella and rumors sprouted out in Filmnagar that it might be Linda who was in that youtube video but unfortunately misinterpreted as Isabella Kaif.

Who knows the dirty secret behind this dirty video? Everybody is a ‘Kedi.’

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