Uyyalawada Escaped Caste Controversy!

Mon 17th Jul 2017 12:58 PM

Mega Star Chiranjeevi Next Mahaveera!?

Chiranjeevi Uyyalawada Becomes Mahaveera
Chiranjeevi Uyyalawada Becomes Mahaveera
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As we all are aware that Mega Star Chiranjeevi will very soon be acting in a movie directed by Surender Reddy based on the life of freedom fighter Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy, belonging to during British times. This movie is to be produced by Ramcharan under Konidela Productions.

In parallel, makers are also planning to produce this prestigious project in Tamil and Telugu (bi-lingual) and dub it in Hindi and Malayalam later on, just like how Rajamouli planned for Baahubali.

Inside sources reveal that since this movie is being planned across pan-India market, the makers are planning to change the title.

Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy has a caste tag attached and that is predominantly popular only in Telugu states. So, they wanted something that is easy for all Indian audience to connect with. With this reason, latest news doing rounds is that Surender Reddy and Ramcharan are planning to title Uyyalawada as Mahaveera.

Yes, Mahaveera is something that people from all languages can easily connect to. This is indeed a smart move. 

Though Uyyalawada family members are not against using their ancestor’s name, politicians seem to be against using the Reddy caste tag in order to avoid the future controversies. 

As we all know, Chiru is from Kapu community and is known to be working for backward people in his community, politicians have advised him not to go with Reddy title.

Well, politicians will never hesitate to use caste factor. But on the basis of pan India appeal, it is good that the makers are to change the title as Mahaveera. Keep watching this space for more updates.

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