Archana, Sneha ullal: Only for heroes and parties.

Archana, Sneha ullal: Only for heroes and parties.
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These two small, hot and sexy personalities Archana uraf Veda and Sneha Ullal have opened their movie accounts on a grand note but later were considered as big failures in the industry.

If Archana is a native Telugu girl, Sneha Ullal has been imported from Bollywood. Both of them have no worth mentioning movies in the hand. Sneha Ullal has already completed her part of shooting with Balakrishna for ‘Simha,’ while Archana is expecting few offers with her sensuous commitment with Allu Sirish.

These days both of them have become party buffs and seen at many locations. It is openly commented in Filmnagar about Sneha Ullal and her relation with a well noted family in Tollywood, as she spends almost her entire time partying with heroes in that family and their friends. Next is Archana, who is always rated as a Page 3 cultured heroine who spends time with all few chota mota heroes of Tollywood.

Both these short beauties have found a right strategy to stay in the news and let us hope that their hard work pays off in right way.

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