How Bahubali Affected Katama Rayudu?

Published: Tue 21st Mar 2017 05:17 PM

Bahubali Trailer Effect On Katama Rayudu Trailer

Bahubali 2 Ate Katama Rayudu Trailer
Bahubali 2 Ate Katama Rayudu Trailer
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Has ‘Katama Rayudu’ trailer really caught the attention of Telugu audience to a needful extent? Though the movie is making decent pre release buzz just relying on brand Pawan Kalyan, looks like director Dolly and producer Sharat Maraar could not do anything extra great to lift the Pawan mania from certain level. Thanks to a complete regular trailer lacking in novelty at presentation.

At the same time, analysts are putting the whole thesis in ‘Bahubali 2’ perspective. Yes, after watching ‘Bahubali 2’ trailer, none of the trailers can match to its visual glare. Production quality, top notch camerawork, stupendous CG work, reverberating music and dazzling look of all the artists, when ‘Bahubali 2’ trailer hangover is fresh in audience memories, it would be straight forward stupidity to impress common audience with ‘Katama Rayudu’ trailer. Most importantly, 'Bahubali 2' trailer was released in 4K quality while 'Katama' was of simple HD resolution.

Of course it is a sin to compare ‘Bahubali 2’ trailer with ‘Katama Rayudu’ yet Fans alone shouldered the responsibility of pushing the Youtube views close to 3 Million for now. When the release date is so near, it’s not the mistake of Sharat Maraar too. All in all, it’s the identical timing of trailer release between these two important films and ‘Bahubali’ affected ‘Katama Rayudu’ subjugating the expectations. Hopefully, Box Office records will speak more than what our assumptions are. 

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27 comment(s)
Delete Comment Request 1. as u say, box office results decide everything.
Delete Comment Request 2. In addition to that, the story is routine.
Delete Comment Request 3. jai rebelstar Prabhas darling
Delete Comment Request 4. You can say how rajamouli will effect pawan kalyan.
Delete Comment Request 5. As u said baahubali is special don't compare it with why r u intrested to say katamarayudu close to baahubali in likes
Delete Comment Request 6. Its rajamouli vs pawan kalyan clash not prabhas vs kamal kamaraj
Delete Comment Request 7. @6 no it is PK vs prabhas ...because if it's SSR vs PK ..then SSR will shit PK all over his pea sized brain
Delete Comment Request 8. Rey CJ CHiru MEK disaster article ekkada....Eppudu raastav ee matter ni
Delete Comment Request 9. @7.. me Amma puku pina shit .. note that Rajamouli is bugging before maghadhera
Delete Comment Request 10. I believe katamarayudu should get Hindi Tamil and Malayalam release to prove its mettle.
Delete Comment Request 11. No.1 hero Vs No.1 director..
Delete Comment Request 12. Katamarayudu Hindi version will collect 600 crores for sure. Any one there in Bollywood to compete this is challenge to everyone from PK fans.
Delete Comment Request 13. @12 Sardar Gabbar Singh collected 700 crores in Hindi, now it is Katamarayudu. PK is national star with 8 pack body Jai pawanism
Delete Comment Request 14. @13 yes,nicely said jai pawanism
Delete Comment Request 15. @11 it's no.1 director and no.1 hero SSR and Prabhas
Delete Comment Request 16. Don't compare with pk is Hollywood star he married international girl
Delete Comment Request 17. It's saardar Gabbar Singh vs kattamrayudu it will beat sgs record for sure in terms of business maku meme pote...Natho nake pote
Delete Comment Request 18. mind your words
Delete Comment Request 19. PK is Hollywood star katamarayudu will release worldwide in English will cross all tollywoo records,PK will give a run to all Hollywood stars Jai pavan
Delete Comment Request 20. Aarey aaya bahubhali ke katamarayudu ke comersaion enti 5yrs project 400crs budget, big cast, all india industry's media hero's nd fans support dhaniki oka routine commercial low budget below avrg team nd director one name pawan kalyan katamarayudu movie comersaion na
Delete Comment Request 21. @ 11 well said
Delete Comment Request 22. No1 director vs no 1 actor clash ..... ssr vs p1....real time baahubali
Delete Comment Request 23. It ia rebel star rebel tho poti ledu eeh na koduku ki
Delete Comment Request 24. Jai Rgv
Delete Comment Request 25. Bb2 mundu pavan batcha inka collection mata kosthe bb2 ni kottalante malli janma ethali
Delete Comment Request 26. Asalu bb1 records ne inka evaru touch cheyaledu nuvvu entha kadanna bb ante prabhas ... Not a hollywood film pakka telugu film bb1 kotti matladandi
Delete Comment Request 27. Ofcourse as of now baahubali is top on the chart now it's turn to bb2 it might occupies no1
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