Namitha with Trisha's BF!

Published: Sat 30th Jan 2010 12:51 AM
Namitha with Trisha's BF!
Namitha with Trisha's BF!
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With Trisha eyeing on Bollywood offers and leaving South a side, Namitha seems to be the best benefiting from her absence here. As per the gossips from Kollywood, not just the movie offers even Namitha has jumped at the opportunity to spend day and night with Trisha’s boy friend Sydney Sladen, the costume designer during the absence of Trisha.

Gossipmongers say that Namitha is known to have find the right partner to thrill her in Sydney Sladen spending too much of time with him by bunking the shooting schedules and not attending even the phone calls from Producers. If this happens to be true, Namitha must think about her future and the possible outcome once Trisha comes back...

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