ONV 1st Week WW Shares

Published: Fri 17th Feb 2017 08:10 PM

Om Namo Venkatesaya First Week World Wide Shares

Om Namo Venkatesaya First Week Collections
Om Namo Venkatesaya First Week Collections
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King Nagarjuna's 'Om Namo Venkatesaya' collected a share of Rs.7.35 crores world wide at the end of its first week run. Given below is the area wise break up of shares.

AREA                            FIRST WEEK SHARE (IN CRORES)

-------------------              ------------------------------------------------

NIZAM                                         1.90

CEDED                                        0.88

NELLORE                                    0.29

KRISHNA                                     0.36

GUNTUR                                      0.65

VIZAG                                           0.71

EAST GODAVARI                         0.41

WEST GODAVARI                        0.35

1ST WEEK AP & TS SHARE       5.55

KARNATAKA                                1.20

OVERSEAS                                  0.60

1ST WEEK WW SHARE              7.35

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Delete Comment Request 1. @2 brother collections gurinchi yendhuku cinema bagundha ledha
Delete Comment Request 2. 100 crores ani fake collections lo neekentha iccharu. loss ayithe nuvventha icchavu.
Delete Comment Request 3. Onv superb movie wrong release timing
Delete Comment Request 4. Good film
Delete Comment Request 5. Movie bagundi collections gurinchi enduke..
Delete Comment Request 6. Release timing problem
Delete Comment Request 7. Manchi cinema nu aadarincharu mana telugu janalu. ....... only routine rota & mass masala ......idi telugodi taste
Delete Comment Request 8. Nag greatest actor ani proved once again
Delete Comment Request 9. lord balaji knows who and how the hero and heroines are related to each oyher
Delete Comment Request 10. nag and anush were romancing during the shoot
Delete Comment Request 11. it is very bad luck of telugu people waste telugu people
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