Venkatesh Guru Teaser Review

Published: Wed 11th Jan 2017 06:49 PM

Guru Teaser Report

Venkatesh's Guru Teaser Talk
Venkatesh's Guru Teaser Talk
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Apparently, Victory Venkatesh's 'Guru' has an inspiring content and the new teaser of the film indicates it. The production team has unveiled new teaser of the film which marks Venkatesh's commendable performance as a boxing coach. 

We'll also witness Ritika Singh's hard practice to become the champion. Her coach seems to be the  tough task master such a way she practices hard to get her goal achieved. Nasser appears to have played a crucial role in the film. 

"Meeru nenu cheppindey vintaru..cheppindhey thintaru. Illoo, vakilee, prema, doma, cheththa, chedharam annee pakkana petti vollu vanchi try cheyyandi," a dialogue uttered by Venkatesh accosts the kind of intensity he had as a coach with killer instinct making his proteges the champion. The film is hitting cinemas on 26 January. Satish Vegnesha has helmed the project.

Click here for the film's teaser:

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Delete Comment Request 1. Khaidi review in telugu we want
Delete Comment Request 2. Venky is versatile actor
Delete Comment Request 3. Star star......mega star...... Boss is backkkkkkkkkkkkk...... Cinema blockbuster before kn 150 after kn150..........
Delete Comment Request 4. Mega starrrrrrrrr....,......
Delete Comment Request 5. Kummesadu Venky
Delete Comment Request 6. Victory Venkatesh z D best ever stylish hero in south india his luks n make crazy even 4 youngsters luv u Venky world wide fans from bangalore
Delete Comment Request 7. Director of the movie is Sudha Kongara not Satish Vegnesha. Satish Vegnesha is director of Shatamanam Bhavati
Delete Comment Request 8. @7 adding to that the movie is not releasing on JAN 26th it is slated for release in summer...Be careful while writing the articles.
Delete Comment Request 9. Satish Vegnesha is for Sathamanam Bhavathi. It's Durham Kongara. please correct
Delete Comment Request 10. I am sorry it's Sudha Kongara
Delete Comment Request 11. I am sorry it's Sudha Kongara
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