Dead heroine Soundarya haunting Vishnuvardhan.

Published: Sat 23rd Jan 2010 08:57 AM
Dead heroine Soundarya haunting Vishnuvardhan.
Dead heroine Soundarya haunting Vishnuvardhan.
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This is an interesting story making rounds in South film circuit on dead actress Soundarya and dead Kannada hero Vishnuvardhan. Although it is a fiction story created by few in Karnataka, but sounds interesting and of course a little horror too.

Many of us are aware about the Kannada version of ‘Chandramukhi’ titled ‘Apta Mitra’ in which Soundarya was the lead and she behaves as a split personality with name ‘Nagavalli’ and as per the story soul of 'Nagavalli’ haunts Soundarya. It is to our sad news that, Soundarya was dead just before the release of ‘Apta Mitra’ and movie went onto become a super hit. In this ‘Apta Mitra,’ Vishnuvardhan played the same character done by Rajinikanth.

Coming to present, Kannada Hero Vishnuvardhan before his death few days ago was on completion of his project ‘Apta Rakshaka,’ title similar to ‘Apta Mitra’ in which a character named Nagavalli will haunt Vishnuvardhan. Just before the release of ‘Apta Rakshaka,’ Vishnuvardhan died.

It was a coincidence that, there were characters named Nagavalli in both these movies (Apta Mitra and Apta Rakshaka) and both the main leads (Soundarya and Vishnuvardhan) were dead just before these releases. So, a rumor has blown out of proportion stating that dead Soundarya who was haunted by Nagavalli has also haunted Vishnuvardhan and he is dead the same midnight with heart attack.

So, it is all a horror gossip revolving around dead soul of ‘Nagavalli.’ Be aware of ‘Nagavalli…Laka Laka Laka’

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Delete Comment Request 1. It's amazing story
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Delete Comment Request 3. the nagavalli dancer she was a dancer like shiva Shakti, when kundelini Shakti is aroused by dance she becomes a Shakti ,like amba bhavani,or chamundashvari or kali, all these powers are nirakara, Shakti does not have rupa.kundelini is aroused by uniting with another Shakti, a person whose kundelini is awakned he will have tremdous power to control the nature for some time, time is kala male principle and kali is female principle.this two principles are common in nature.when two energies unite a
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