Highlights of Ism Audio Launch

Wed 05th Oct 2016 10:00 PM

Highlights and Sidelights of Ism Audio Launch

Kalyan Ram's Ism Audio Launched
Kalyan Ram's Ism Audio Launched
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Nandamuri Kalyan Ram's 'Ism' audio launch was held in Hyderabad on Wednesday, October 5. Highlights and sidelights of the audio launch are as follows.


* Nandamuri Harikrishna and Young Tiger NTR graced the audio event as chief guests.

* Anasuya did anchoring of the audio event.

* Songs lyricist of the film Bhaskara Bhatla said 'Ism' was his 24th film in the combo of Puri jagannadh.

* Dil Raju expressed his wish that the movie would score a big hit like 'Idiot'.

* Audio CD was launched by Harikrishna and gave it away to NTR. Harikrishna recalled his late son Janaki Ram. He said it was due to the blessings of Janaki Ram, NTR and Kalyan Ram scored hits with 'Temper' and 'Pataas' last year. Further, Harikrishna expressed his delight for NTR scoring a big hit 'Janatha Garage' this year and hoped Kalyan Ram would also get a hit through 'Ism'.

* Kalyan Ram said 'Ism's team was the best ever team he had worked with.

* NTR admitted that his confidence levels raised enormously post the success of Puri's 'Temper'. He attributed entire credit of the change in his attitude to Puri. NTR reckoned it was due to Kalyan Ram's hard work, the movie would pay off at the box office. Finally, he said the movie would prove the adage 'Kathi kante kalam goppadhi' (Pen is mightier than sword.)


* Having remembered his late son Janaki Ram and said his eldest son's blessings made 'Temper' and 'Pataas' as hits, Harikrishna touched the hearts of everyone. 

* As usually Anasuya looked super hot in sleeveless and designer sari. 

* Heroine and former Miss India Aditi Arya was tall and beautiful. Her speech was cute.

* NTR appeared to have added a little adipose both in his body and in his face. He may become slim by the time when he starts his new film.

* Kalyan Ram looked energetic and active. 

* Puri's mark is noticed in songs rather Anup's. JournalIsm title song was good and other songs were okay.

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