Sexy Mumaith Khan troubling the little ones!

Sexy Mumaith Khan troubling the little ones!
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Mumaith Khan, the hot and sexy beauty of item songs is now known to be making all her attempts to launch the little one and only sister Zuben. ‘Mumaith Khan herself is in the field with few item songs in the hand and how can she try for her sister?’ questioned many.

Tollywood sources say that, Mumaith Khan is accompanying her little sister Zuben to every party and introducing her to the new circles of Tollywood. Nevertheless media is claiming that their visits together have something a hidden agenda that Mumaith Khan is planning for her sister.

Strangely few who have spoken to Zuben have come to a conclusion that Zuben looks not totally interested towards Tollywood or even for that matter acting or item dancing. So, if this is true then Mumaith Khan is just troubling the little one Zuben.

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