Movie on Nag- Amala- Tabu’s story!

Sat 05th Dec 2009 08:42 PM
Movie on Nag- Amala- Tabu’s story!
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Nagarjuna and Tabu were always the best feed for Bollywood and Tollywood gossipmongers. Starting from “Ninne Pelladatha”, if some viewed the relation between Nagarjuna and Tabu as something more than just friendship…others viewed it as the strong bond between Amala and Tabu.

From last two to three months, after Tabu’s statement over her relation with Nagarjuna, once again gossips started to flow in turbulently. Latest among the bag is a movie being planned by one of the top producers in Bollywood based on the story of Nagarjuna – Amal and Tabu.

Will it be a triangular love story? Or will it be a right mix of love and friendship? Or will it be an outright spicy masala? Wait till the gossip gets cleared.

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