Mega Fans Hope 'Yevadu's Pongal Release?

Published: Sun 10th Nov 2013 07:41 AM
Mega Fans Hope 'Yevadu's Pongal Release?
Mega Fans Hope 'Yevadu's Pongal Release?
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Although Dil Raju, the producer of Mega Power Star Ram Charan's much anticipated movie 'Yevadu', has recently reiterated that the movie would be releasing on 19th December, some of the mega fans are gossiped to have been demanding the producer to release the movie for Pongal. As the movie's release has been postponed for a long time, fans have to hope early release of the movie.Instead,they demand to postpone the movie further. But why? According to the inside sources, following are said to be the reasons for their demands. 

* Currently, all the existing records of tollywood are being held by Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Ram Charan through their recent movies. Moreover, opening collection records are also held by both these heroes.Obviously, to stand remains top over other heroes, 'Yevadu' should be released for Pongal.

* Ram Charan has proved to be the Pongal hero by delivering a blockbuster success through 'Naayak'as a solo hero in this year's Pongal. And the same result is being expected for next Pongal as well, as per the sentiment.

* Finally, mega fans are hoping that, with'Yevadu's result the calculations on number games will take a new turn. 

* However, since the makers of 'Yevadu' have already decided firmly to release the movie on December, 19, the movie will not release for Pongal for sure, as it seems.

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