Channel's Bogus Remunerations of Heroes

Published: Thu 02nd May 2013 10:06 AM
Channel's Bogus Remunerations of Heroes
Channel's Bogus Remunerations of Heroes
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A news channel in the state has been exhibiting its biased attitude on two heroes of tollywood for the past 7 years. Till some time ago, the channel used to telecast hot discussion programs with the topics 'Who is number one hero of tollywood?', 'Which is the biggest hit of tollywood' etc. Also, the channel tried to put its favourite two heroes and their movies in top places. In short, the channel tries to degrade mega heroes and Prabhas. 

Today, the channel has come with the remunerations of tollywood star heroes. As per the channel, the remuneration of one of its favourite heroes is on par with Pawan Kalyan's and that is Rs.15 crores. Strangely, a hero who has been suffering with failures has just given an above average to successful film recently. This hero stood at second position with the remuneration of Rs.13 crores. Ram Charan's remuneration is Rs.10 crores according to the channel. Incidentally, Bandla Ganesh, himself leaked the remuneration offered by him to Ram Charan's upcoming film recently and the latter's remuneration is Rs.17 crores. 

As per the sources, above remunerations are, in fact, the wishes of the channel to be taken by the heroes concerned. While some more people said, a hero who had taken Rs.13 crores might asked the channel to come up with this remunerations program. 

PS: When asked mega fans about this program, they said, 'It's a life time challenge to the channel, that it can't place it's favourite heroes topper than mega heroes. 

* Do you want to know the name of the channel? It's lucky number is 9. 

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