Siddharth Played NTR's Brother

Siddharth Played NTR's Brother
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As per new gossip in film circles, Siddharth played the role of elder brother to Junior NTR in the film of 'Baadshah.' Not far away from the storyline of Srinu Vytla's earlier movies written by Kona Venkat and Gopimohan, even this 'Baadshah' revolves around revenge sage when Sid gets killed in the hands of Mafia. It is time for Tarak to go on vengeance all the way to Europe to spot the real mafia men behind the blast which killed his brother.

Ofcourse, there are MS Narayana, Brahmanandam, Kajal Agarwal and lot more in the big team to spread the humor which goes as a part of story telling, the same way Srinu used the roles in 'Dookudu.' So, more than novelty in story or scripting, it is the comedy portions and star power of Junior NTR on which 'Baadshah' depends. Although not affirmative, above is a fresh rumor circulated in film circles so aggressively.

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