'Rebel' Effect on Junior NTR

Published: Fri 22nd Mar 2013 08:31 AM
'Rebel' Effect on Junior NTR
'Rebel' Effect on Junior NTR
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There is a newer version to accident on 'Baadshah' audio release day is making rounds in film circles. True that heroes take music launch functions as a stage to exhibit their strength among Fans communities. This is not the first time Junior NTR is coming before public and there was no necessity for producers to put a test for gauging his stamina. Yet, it is 'Mirchi' of Prabhas which has a share of its effect on 'Baadshah.'

As per a report from analysts, audio release of 'Mirchi' was biggest plus for movie which gave a heavy push for pre-release promotions. First time, the untapped craze of Prabhas in audience was shockingly caught live on TVs with unprecedented crowds gathered. Apparently, Junior NTR is on a flop run with no good hits to mention in recent past. In order to give a strong answer for critics and anti Fans, the over-enthusiasm shown by organisers at 'Baadshah' audio function was backfired. While makers took enough precautions to gather the crowds and make necessary arrangements for Prabhas Fans at 'Mirchi' event, the situation was different for Tarak Fans at 'Baadshah' function.

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