Reasons for 'Mahankali's Disaster!

Tue 12th Mar 2013 09:58 PM
Reasons for 'Mahankali's Disaster!

Angry young man Rajasekhar's new film 'Mahankali' was proved to be a disaster at the box office. Madhurima has done the female lead of the movie while Pradeep Rawat was seen as a main villain. Many reasons are said to be responsible for the disaster result of the movie and some of them are as follows.

* Very poor directorial skills were exhibited by Jeevitha for this movie. There is an adage in English, 'Talk less, work more'. However, Jeevitha always talks more( in TV channels about politics and other matters). If she put her complete concentration on the movie other than useless things, she could have scored a hit through 'Mahankali'. 

* Rajasekhar looked like over aged hero and people lost the interest of watching his movies in theaters.  

* Poor production values hampered the chances of movie becoming a hit. 

* Horrible music is another setback of the movie. 


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