Chiru or Ex No.1, Who is All Time No.1?

Fri 08th Mar 2013 08:42 PM
Chiru or Ex No.1, Who is All Time No.1?

Some days ago,in the month of February, one of the popular national media groups, released the list of men who changed the face of Indian cinema for the past 100 years. Chiranjeevi was the only hero to be included in the list from tollywood then. However, some of the media could not digest this news and they have not even reported this news. 

Meanwhile, previous number one hero's supporters were also said to be furious with this news. Some of the observers are saying that the supporters and the party workers of that hero might have approached the same media, that released the list and asked them to conduct a poll on the same issue. Obviously, they would have gone to manipulations and their hero stood as the number one. 

Strangely, Amitabh, Chiranjeevi, Rajanikanth, Rajeshkanna, Khan trio, Hrithik, Kannada Raj Kumar, Mohan Lal etc. had no place or lowest place in the list. We can estimate how welll the manipulations were made on this issue. However, political analysts are saying that these kind of survey manipulations by the party activists would not help the political party to get into the power. 


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