All Those Polls Trash for Cherry?

Published: Mon 14th Jan 2013 08:10 AM
All Those Polls Trash for Cherry?
All Those Polls Trash for Cherry?
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Some days ago, a popular Telugu newspaper conducted a survey in Hyderabad city seeking an answer to the question 'Who is the youth icon of tollywood?' Leaving a big shock to those people, who believe in polls, Prabhas got elected as the winner. Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan stood next after to him. Recently, different media sources came up with a question "Who is the best hero of tollywood 2012?" Being an unofficial number one of tollywood, and the hero of the best film of tollywood 'Gabbar Singh', obviously Pawan Kalyan stood as the winner in all those polls unanimously. There is no controversy here. 

However, the controversy started from the second positions onwards. Mahesh Babu, Jr.NTR and Prabhas settled with better places than Ram Charan. In fact, the second biggest hit of 2012 was 'Rachcha' but Ram Charan couldn't get second position as expected. 

Some of the supporters of Cherry say those polls are just trash for Cherry as they came up with some interesting reasons for these strange positions. According to them, the poll results can be manipulated quite easily using technology by different media. If the media personnel are genuine, the manipulations might be done by voters themselves by forming groups or by bulk votes polling by a single person etc. 

WHAT SHOULD BE A GENUINE POLL?: Just like pre poll surveys  and after poll survey by some transparent media in general elections, samples of different sections of people are to be taken into consideration such as software professionals, doctors, lawyers, teachers, daily workers, old people, college students, school students, house wives, farmers, illiterates etc. All these samples have to be taken from all the centers such as A, B, C and D. Then only genuine poll results will come out, else, leave it. 

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