Cherry's Biggest Failure

Mon 24th Dec 2012 10:12 AM
Cherry's Biggest Failure

Many doubts are prevailing among the cine folks about the leakage of the super hit dance number  'Laila O Laila' from Ram Charan's 'Naayak'. While some people are thinking Cherry's rivals might leaked this song, some other people are of the opinion that it would be deliberate attempt by the makers of the movie for promoting their movie. 

Unfortunately, one more video song of Ram Charan has been leaked on net and this time this leaked song 'Ayyo papam' belongs to the movie 'Evadu', produced by Dil Raju. Unlike to that of 'Naayak's leakage, everybody opines that the cause for the leakage of this song might not be from the makers and definitely one of the enemies of Ram Charan might have done this act. Ram Charan's fans are criticizing their hero for not being cautious for the leakages of his songs. "If he doesn't wake up at least now, no wonder the dialogues and the scenes of his upcoming films might be leaked," warn his fans.

PS: Like 'Laila O Laila' song from 'Naayak', 'Ayyopapam' song is also receiving appreciations from everybody for its picturization and dancing steps of Cherry. 


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