Balayya is Chowdary's 'Common Man'

Wed 15th Feb 2012 12:09 PM
Balayya is Chowdary's 'Common Man'
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This would be definitely a rarest of combinations we have seen in present. Yes, we are to witness hero Nandamuri Balakrishna and director Krishna Vamsi coming together for a movie with political backdrop tentatively titled as ‘Common Man.’ As per the industry reports, movie will go for an official announcement on Bommarillu Banner of YVS Chowdary as soon as ‘Nippu’ releases in this week.   

Off late Krishna Vamsi seems to have lost his magical touch is raving to come back with ‘Common Man.’ Subjects from this director will be obviously filled with message orientation and ‘Common Man’ requires no special underlining. After the proved ‘Rakhi’ and ‘Mahatma,’ let us wish that KV will explore a new angle in Balayya Babu. Co-incidentally, this is the exact time when Nandamuri Nata Simham is making his first political moves in TDP.



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