'Businessman' Deficit Starts

Published: Sun 05th Feb 2012 04:09 AM
'Businessman' Deficit Starts
'Businessman' Deficit Starts
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Prince Mahesh Babu's 'Businessman' was released in all time record number of centers for this Pongal and collected a share of Rs.33+ crores world wide. However, the movie has been facing drastic fall of collections from its second week onwards and it starts getting deficit of shares from the third week onwards. As per the sources, it is known that the makers of this movie signaled green to lift the centers wherever it gets deficit.

And now, the lifting of centers in huge numbers are being noticed. In East Godavari, the movie ran in 34 centers upto its 18th day of release. However, the movie was lifted in 20 centers at the end of its 21 days run and right now, the movie is running only in 14 centers in the district. Similar is the case with all the areas of the state. However, all the distributors of A.P. are said to be happy with the collections of the movie, as they feel that they got sufficient number of collections to be required, despite their previous expectations of superb collections of the movie.


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