Brahmi's 'Business' with Puri??!!!

Published: Thu 05th Jan 2012 10:48 PM
Brahmi's 'Business' with Puri??!!!
Brahmi's 'Business' with Puri??!!!
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Why is ‘Businessman’ delayed in release? Are there are any technical hurdles? Are there any financial hurdles? Too many questions and too many assumptions are making air in Film Nagar circles raising doubts on the film. However, a new talk that has fresh buzz is about Puri Jagan taking a U-Turn on comedy elements in ‘Businessman.’ As life of this script lie in speedy narration, Puri ignored working out on humor which is special in each and every one of his films. After watching the first copy, an upset Puri is known to have canned some shots on Ali but that too wasn’t enough. 

Gossipmongers say…producers have now pressured Puri for picturizing a separate track even on Brahmanandam and that is the exact reason behind the postponement of release. Whether Censor will accept these kinds of amendments to final copy after certification is unknown but if the gossip is really true, then Brahmi entering into ‘Businessman’ is definitely good news for Prince Fans because of the fact that ‘Dookudu’ has shown how well Mahesh and Brahmi’s screen chemistry works out.

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