Bhuvaneshwari sex mafia secrets.

Published: Fri 09th Oct 2009 09:26 AM
Bhuvaneshwari sex mafia secrets.
Bhuvaneshwari sex mafia secrets.
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As every young new comer to the film industry dream of growing big in the field, Bhuvaneshwari was not an exception for that. But the film industry doesn’t project her in the same fashion she was willing.

When mere existence has become a question of struggle, Bhuvaneshwari is known to have even spent foodless nights with her nine year kid. It is also said by few in cine circles that Bhuvaneshwari’s husband stayed away from her somewhere in Dubai.

Some of the junior artistes said that slowly Bhuvaneshwari was made a puppet in the hands of few pimps who regularly used her and gave her the livelihood. They also say that there are many junior artistes who really thrive to make their career in this colorful filmi duniya but still remain as junior artistes without recognition. This is just a part of Bhuvaneshwari’s sex mafia secrets.      

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