Pawan Kalyan keen watch on Ajith

Published: Tue 06th Sep 2011 09:38 AM
Pawan Kalyan keen watch on Ajith
Pawan Kalyan keen watch on Ajith
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Pawan Kalyan openly appreciates the talent, whether it may be from Kollywood or Sandalwood or for that matter Bollywood. Same is now the case with Ajith’s ‘Mankatha’ that is making Super Star Rajiniknath to shiver. Yes, the openings of film were so mind blowing that ‘Robot’ is almost shattered. As said earlier, Ajith has come like a tsunami with the half century film.

Now, one man in T-town keeping a keen watch on Ajith is Pawan Kalyan. Well, to be more precise, it is neither the storyline nor a remake idea to ‘Mankatha,’ but Pawan Kalyan is known to have got very much impressed by the original hair style of Ajith used in the film. Director Venkat Prabhu gave a middle aged look to Ajith by keeping the hair natural without the use of any artificial color dye. 

In fact, audience loved this and Ajith’s hair style has become a fashion in Chennai Hair Saloons. Though Pawan entered into 40's and looks lot better in his regular style, one has to wait and see what kind of inputs Power Star has grasped from Thala Ajith. We do know that Pawan Kalyan is enough daring to do such kind of natural experimentations.

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