TV Anchor tense with talented Husband

Sun 19th Jun 2011 10:23 PM
TV Anchor tense with talented Husband

Popular TV anchor Suma is a house hold name in Telugu families. She is almost treated as family member by each and every home maker who sits before TV watching the afternoon shows. Equally talented like Suma is her husband Rajeev Kanakala, missing on the big screen these days. Being a best friend to Junior NTR, he should have grabbed many bright chances with all top directors but off late this most versatile artist is no where seen except a TV game show named ‘Abhimani’ aired on E TV.

Well, sources have different version that Rajeev is sidelined from main stream acting for various reasons unknown while a tensed Suma wants him get back on track at the least on small screen. Having got the chance to prove his adaptability to any kind of character, Rajeev failed to utilize this ‘Abhimani’ show. Sad to see a natural and gifted actor diminishing in industry with each day…


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