Lakshmi Pranathi brainwash to Jr. NTR!?

Thu 09th Jun 2011 09:12 AM
Lakshmi Pranathi brainwash to Jr. NTR!?

Those were the times before the idea of ‘Yama Donga’ came up. Junior NTR strongly missed some sections of audience. Yes, they are young girls and family ladies who never cared about Tarak’s films because of his plump look and overt violence films. Rajamouli having observed this forced Junior NTR to go for a liposuction. Although Young Tiger was adamant to listen to Jakkanna, he brainwashed him thus reducing the weigh considerably as what we have seen in ‘Yama Donga’ is a restructured Tarak.

Later on there were nasty comments even on his lean look. Inner circles buzz is that Tarak’s better half Lakshmi Pranathi doesn’t want his hubby to be that lean. Looks like, she too has done a brainwash making Junior to eat all those junk fat stuffs brought from her mother’s house. Result is that Junior is again accumulating the fat and gaining his pre-Yama Donga body. 

Well, some old people are saying that it is obvious for any newly married man to gain some weight next to marriage and this is first post-marriage effect. Any ways good to see Young Tiger with small dose of adipose added. True...he is looking more manly than earlier.


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