Religious barrier between hot cine lovers

Religious barrier between hot cine lovers
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Will Prabhudeva ever get the acceptance to marry Nayanathara? Situations look very grim as there are diverse issues now rocking his love life. Prabhudeva earlier married Ramlat, a Muslim. Then on he forced her to take Hinduism and she has done it changing to Latha. All this was done much earlier before their wedding on the force of Prabhudeva’s family.

Now, the choreographer cum director has come on a circle. Nayan’s parents wanted Prabhudeva to take Christianity much early before their marriage, so that actress could be held peacefully. We all know that Nayanathara’s actual name is Diana Mariam Kurien hailing from Roman Catholic sect that is an orthodox Christian family. 

Time when Prabhu was facing the stumbling blocks in the form of divorce from Ramlat, everybody was pity towards him. Now here is news that Prabhu has told Nayanathara not to discuss on religious issues as his conversion to Christianity is almost ruled out. Well, let us see how will Nayanathara tackle her family and make them accept Prabhu.

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