Rajinikanth worried about daughters

Published: Thu 19th May 2011 03:44 AM
Rajinikanth worried about daughters
Rajinikanth worried about daughters
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This is one of the shocking news reported by a Tamil media source with information from Rajiniknath Fans clubs in Chennai. Though can’t be confirmed news but some reports claim that Rajini called both his son-in-laws, Dhanush and Ashwin to hospital bed two days ago to discuss the secrets about sharing of property between daughters Aishwarya and Soundarya. 

What is the main intention behind Rajinikanth in sensing this idea is still not known? Both the son-in-laws were heard to have shocked hearing on sharing of property at this juncture when Rajini is going through severe health problems. Dhanush reportedly told Rajini to feel confident and not to worry on these things at this point of time. Inner sources say that, marriage of Soundarya with Ashwin was the moment from which Rajini started undergoing mental and physical stress. 

Well, what ever may be the inner troubles in Rajinikanth family…let us wish that Super Star comes out with Super Health.

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