Brahmi's interest on sexy heroine!

Brahmi's interest on sexy heroine!
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Felicitation of Brahmanandam by MAA TV yesterday was a special event for industry which is graced by many stalwarts. The show was colorful with special dances performed by many artists while Namitha’s performance needed a special mention. Yes, the voluptuous lady who was missing the camera focus from long time made the titillating appearance to show her love towards Brahmi.

Even insiders say that comedy king Brahmanandam has always shown special interest on this sexy lady. Whenever they meet together in Hyderabad, Brahmi is known for spending precious time providing Nammi with valuable suggestions on how to market her self in industry. Well, Nagarjuna who played key role in conducting this event made Brahmanandam further happy by arranging Namitha’s performance and of course Brahmi is pleased. 

Click this link to view Brahmanandam felicitation gallery.

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