Tarak's friendship with YS Jagan!!!

Thu 12th May 2011 05:11 PM
Tarak's friendship with YS Jagan!!!
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Everything is fair in love and war. When it comes to family wars, there are no rules and no ethics. Present clash between Nandamuri and Nara families is to remain as a best example for this. Yes, if Chandrababu Naidu’s target is to come back into power in 2014 elections, there are two more likeminded youngsters developing a new sketch to make sure that 2014 will be ‘The End’ for Naidu.

Here is the latest political speculation. As YS Jaganmohan Reddy’s motive is to become Chief Minister either before or by 2014 elections, he surely needs support from somebody like Junior Ntr. Here is the twist. If Tarak wants to keep his uncle Naidu away from power, then he too needs some one like Jagan to bank upon temporarily. As Tarak is still a political novice, it takes at least five years more to reshape himself as ‘Rajakeeya Chankaya.’ In this mean time, if Jagan is made to usurp the crown in 2014, then it will be a chance for Tarak in 2019. Well, in this regards Jagan and Tarak are already known to have come to a friendly, secret power sharing agreement. 

A media source quotes that even Junior Ntr has personally invited YS Jagan to attend his marriage. As Jagan was busy with Kadapa by-polls, he personally wished the couple on phone showing concern and value for their friendship. Of course, Harikrishna is not ready to accept this. 


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