Nagarjuna fed up with Chaitu!?

Published: Sat 30th Apr 2011 01:20 AM
Nagarjuna fed up with Chaitu!?
Nagarjuna fed up with Chaitu!?
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Time when Naga Chaitanya was launched in the hands of ‘Dil’ Raju, there were many doubts as why Nagarjuna didn’t dare to launch his own son on his own banner with his own story judgment? Of course there wasn’t a satisfactory answer for the question. Yet Akkineni Fans took it for granted that Chaitu might be one mass hero for whom they are waiting from last two generations. Dreams shattered as Chaitu failed with ‘Josh.’ In fact second film ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ which is considered as a hit in ‘A’ centers but revenues clearly show that Naga Chaitanya can never be a show topper or crowd puller even on the day of release.

Geetha Arts known for perfect marketing strategy is also heard to be standing a foot back with release of ‘100% Love.’ Apparently audio of the film is considered as hit while Naga Chaitanya showing no interest on promotion of film is gossiped to have severely disturbed the wonderful relations between Allu Aravind and Nagarjuna. Effect is that ‘100% Love’ movie release on 6th of next month is going to be a low key affair.  

No wonder even Nagarjuna fighting to come over his personal tensions is fed up with Chaitu’s behavior.  Result is that this responsible father may not intrude into the future projects of elder son. 

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