Anushka's photo in young hero's wallet

Anushka's photo in young hero's wallet
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One may call it admiration or love or addiction or infatuation but surely here is one cute hero who is finding it difficult to spend days without the darshan of Anushka. As yoga hottie is not comfortable to stay in Hyderabad after those disturbing Income Tax raids, she is preferring to spend time either in Chennai or Bangalore away from old relationships.

This young hero who got a recent success is waiting for next movie release soon but absence of Anushka besides him at this moment is treated as a painful situation. He is 100% intensely attached to the ravishing beauty going mad after her for every second. Close source to this hero report that a photo of Anushka is always kept in his wallet. Every time feels of talking to her, he just enters in to the car and gets down recharged after few minutes. In fact this young hero’s father is also aware of his son’s injurious habit, so keeping him away from home.

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