Trisha to fight with Priyamani sex appeal

Published: Wed 23rd Feb 2011 05:15 AM
Trisha to fight with Priyamani sex appeal
Trisha to fight with Priyamani sex appeal
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Cinema industry for heroines most often runs only on the terms of glamour. Although there are few names which remained as icons who stole the show with their performances but trends are quickly changing. Fresh ones to join the list is Bollywood hit film ‘Fashion’ remake in Telugu and Tamil.

A leading production house is heard to have won the remake rights of this unconventional realistic film and finalized the lead role of Priyanka Chopra to Nayanathara. As Prabhudeva had the final call of rejection, insiders say that Trisha is zeroed for the lead and Priyamani is considered for the metro-sexual role of Kangna Ranaut.

Obviously ‘Fashion’ was filled with hot exposing and bold scenes and it would be tough for Trisha to come against the odds of Priyamani, who always loves to steal the show with her high oomph. It is to be seen, how far Trisha will fight against the sex appeal of Priyamani once this South ‘Fashion’ gets going on.

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