Pak actress in Car Sex with Indian actor

Thu 20th Jan 2011 01:11 PM
Pak actress in Car Sex with Indian actor

The reality show of ‘Bigg Boss’ is most popular for the obscene stuff between Pakistani actress Veena Malik and Indian actor Ashmit Patel. Although both of them have struck a deal of sharing the lives, now news about Veena Malik caught red handed in sex with other participant Rishant Goswami has hit the Bollywood headlines.

As the host Salman Khan held a party at his Panvel guest house for ‘Bigg Boss’ participants, Rishant and Veena were seen cozying up after they are fully drunk. Bollywood sources mentioned that, two are not in a position to handle themselves coming very close to each other; they decided to go to respective rooms. Veena and Rishant are known to have sat in the back seat of the same car and driver was made to steer for a nearby resort. Same sources mentioned that unable to control their feelings, both were caught red handed by car driver when getting into the final sex act. Shameful Veena Malik is feared of leaving now to Pakistan after doing these many mistakes here in India.


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