Puri terrors for a Cinema Website owner

Sat 18th Dec 2010 11:56 AM
Puri terrors for a Cinema Website owner

From the moment, Ramgopal Varma announced his project ‘KSD Appalraju’ there is one point which has become interested in web media and that is about the character of ‘No Brain EV,’ a direct satire on a popular website owner. Sources with in the industry say that this character is intentionally designed by Puri Jagannath and requested Varma to incorporate it in ‘KSD Appalraju.’

‘Rate Nuvvu Cheppu – Rating Nenu Chebutha’ is the catchy one liner penned by Puri for No Brain EV and one has to see how will this movie target in particular on web media which is constantly coming under severe criticism by the presence of few moral less website owners. Already Puri has targeted very heavily on web media in his earlier movie ‘Neninthe’ which didn’t fare well.


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