Flop Producer eyeing on Mega Family!

Sun 05th Dec 2010 10:34 PM
Flop Producer eyeing on Mega Family!
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Now, one can’t clearly say whether ‘Brindavanam’ has run into profits or Dil Raju is still in losses? Though movie has completed a grand 50 days of run at BO, none knows about the exact BO graph for this Junior NTR movie. One thing that happened great with this movie is director Paidipally Vamshi reached the list of top directors who can still deliver clean family hits away from bloodshed. 

This seems to have got Dil Raju struck to an idea of sticking to Mega family. Filmnagar is discussing high about Paidipally Vamshi and Dil Raju approaching the Mega Power Star Ramcharan with a cuter family entertaining subject. Well, nothing to guess, Dil Raju is ready to produce this movie and is all waiting for the call from Mega family. As Dil Raju has become the story writer with ‘Mr. Perfect,’ who knows he already has that skill to even impress Pawan Kalyan with a story line. Just wait how long will this take for Mega family to gauge the Dil Raju talent?



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