Junior NTR's 'Shakthi' Real Story

Published: Sat 27th Nov 2010 02:15 PM
Junior NTR's 'Shakthi' Real Story
Junior NTR's 'Shakthi' Real Story
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Entire film industry is now a days looking enthusiastic to find about the progress and happenings around two movies. If one is Junior Ntr’s ‘Shakthi,’ the other one is Allu Arjun’s ‘Badrinath.’ Fascination towards fiction concepts is not new to our audience and fresh success of ‘Magadheera’ lands us in the same genre. Context here is that, both the above mentioned movies fits rightly into the same category inclusive of very high budgets that have crossed even ‘Magadheera.’

Below is one version of ‘Shakthi’ story that is known from a source with in the industry attached closely to the making of movie. Here it goes: We might have heard about the tales of human beings born with Supernatural Powers or Primordial Cosmic Energy and how they intrigue with mankind playing the role of a savior. In our case the same such Divine Power is named ‘Shakthi’ which enters the soul of a human being, stays with in him till he dies later searches for other competent soul. Knowingly or unknowingly this ‘Shakthi’ drags the same human being for the well being of entire mankind. (Something like the one we see in Rajinikanth’s ‘Baba’) Obviously the one trying to take over this ‘Shakthi’ is Evil for destroying the Universe. This Energy in this Century takes the body and soul of our Junior Ntr and how is this Power linked to ‘Ashtadasha (18) Shakthi Peethas’ is one part of the story while the extra ordinary visual effects and the battle of Supreme Power in Junior Ntr with villain Evil Spirits saving the creation is one more part of the story, of course both the points interlinked.

Veteran Satyanand has penned the basic storyline along with a present age young director (anonymity promised) which was given a full fledged movie treatment by Yandamuri Veerendranath and team. Same reports say that, ‘Shakthi’ is going to be the best movie ever seen in India till date and Meher Ramesh will be joining the top directors of country with this new subject ever touched.

The Power hidden in the eyes of Junior Ntr will speak enormous about 'Shakthi' and rightly Aswini Dutt garu is maintaining too much of confidentiality about the happenings around 'Shakthi.' Hope to bring you further developments as time moves on.

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