Big Hero daughter in Foreigner's Love!

Fri 26th Nov 2010 10:47 PM
Big Hero daughter in Foreigner's Love!

If Kamal Hasan’s elder daughter Shruthi Hasan is hogging the lime light for her fancy offers in North and South, it is Akshara Hasan (sister of Shruthi) going with same aggression but for some wrong reasons.

Akshara Hasan stroked the Internet with one of the photos posted on her Facebook revealing her hidden affair with Sri Lankan Tamilian named Jaison who is here in India to pursue education. None knows what is cooking between these two but the pics posted in Facebook are raising curiosity in Aravam public.

Well, let us see will Kamal or Sarika open their mouths to either question Akshara or give a reply to end these speculations.


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