Manisha's past affairs troubling her hubby

Published: Wed 24th Nov 2010 12:51 AM
Manisha's past affairs troubling her hubby
Manisha's past affairs troubling her hubby
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Neapali beauty who made it top in Indian cinema is Manisha Koirala. Having married at a very late age to Samrat Dahal and enjoyed a long honey moon in Sievi, Finland; it seems troubles started to evade her married life. Evidentially, Manisha is known for getting emotional quite easily and her anger spilled out in her Facebook account when Manisha posted about her plan to go for a divorce just within five months of marriage and that the decision won’t hurt her poor parents. 

Just with in few hours after posting this message, she deleted it but by then message reached the world and discussions begun about her traumatic relations in the past. Yes, quite a huge number of reasons started striking the internet and one such is that Manisha Koirala’s past affairs with many actors in South and North film industries started troubling Samrat and his family, who believes more in traditions.

More than this, Manisha Koirala is open minded, professional lady with passion towards work. She never minds enjoying a puff of cigarette even on her marriage day, if reports and pics from Bollywood are to be believed. With such attitude, Manisha has already planned for a re-entry into industry and this is where opinion differences could have popped up with conservative family set up of Samrat, say few of Manisha Koirala’s friends in Bollywood.

Brushing off all the rumors, let us wish that Manisha Koirala get out of this turmoil and let her relation last long with Samrat. Sometimes reacting to simple things really looks silly and may Manisha understand it very well.

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