Jagapathi Babu in financial crisis!?

Thu 18th Nov 2010 06:59 PM
Jagapathi Babu in financial crisis!?

Perfect Hero of family audience Jagapathi Babu has seen his last hit some two to three years ago. Neither of the producers and directors opting for a decent and full fledged family drama in recent times, Jagapathi Babu’s career graph is falling down drastically. His last releases ‘Gayam 2’ and ‘Sadhyam’ bombed heavily at BO with no address.

The present projects which Jagapathi Babu has accepted and those under shooting aren’t the movies from really worth full directors or producers. Given the present situation of Jagapathi Babu, there is a strong rumor making rounds in Film Nagar about his weak financial status that is pulling him to accept each and every offer coming his way, that too for a very nominal remuneration which by every reason unmatched to his last image.

Although hailing from a prestigious and prosperous family in Tollywood, one might not be able to understand what happened to Jagapathi Babu’s fate these days. Wish that, this kind of news isn’t really true but it is Jagapathi Babu alone who can answer this.

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