Is Mahesh courageous than Chiranjeevi?

Wed 17th Nov 2010 06:49 PM
Is Mahesh courageous than Chiranjeevi?
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When Hero like Mega Star Chiranjeevi is running behind Shankar for directing him, here comes one hero Mahesh Babu who is giving shocks to this sensational director. As per the latest reports mentioned by Cinejosh yesterday, remake of ‘3 Idiots’ as ‘3 Rascals’ may fall into troubles if Mahesh insists Shankar and Gemini Films circuit to have major lead characters in the movie from Telugu circuit.

With Srikanth and Jeeva fixed as remaining two rascals for the movie, Mahesh was quite upset and he may create hurdles for launch of movie. Although Shankar might have worked upon various names in Tollywood but a cordial atmosphere was missing there by heroes like Siddharth, Madhavan themselves opted out from this remake!

Will Mahesh stand courageous against Shankar to fulfill his minimum demand? If such thing happens, Mahesh will obviously get enormous applause from all the sections of ‘Telugu’ Fans.



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