Ramcharan and Junior NTR to join together!

Wed 17th Nov 2010 08:20 AM
Ramcharan and Junior NTR to join together!
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The day when this news comes out true in the form of reality on the screen, Tollywood has nothing more to ask for. First step towards accomplishment of such goal will be the coming together of Mega Power Star Ramcharan and Young Tiger Junior NTR for the formation of a franchisee to bid for the Tollywood cricket team in the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL).

Although an official evidence is not yet available but the very thought of Mega and Nandamuri families coming together as a franchisee for owning the team of Tollywood will result in entire Indian film industry to look upon us. Yes, Mega and Nandamuri families are set to represent the entire Tollywood. 

With the kind of following and craze for these two families in Indian market, it is for sure that CCL and Tollywood team will be minting the money instantly. Now, one can envision how it will be if Cherry and Tarak along with Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi work for the best South Indian CCL team. Wish that CCL planners make their plans work in this way.

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