Ileana safe in Puri's inner pocket

Tue 16th Nov 2010 05:10 PM
Ileana safe in Puri's inner pocket
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Apparently, slender beauty Ileana might have taken a long break in the name of vacation, indeed it was true that she took time to digest the disastrous ‘Saleem’ and get her independent identity unattached to YVS Chowdary. With onset of new heroines into industry, it is always a second preference of Producers for heroines like Ileana who lost their market by wrong selections.

Puri Jagannath who gave a movie of Ileana’s life with ‘Pokiri’ thought it differently and played it as per the calculations to star cast her besides Rana in ‘Nenu Naa Rakshasi.’ Although Ileana was having ‘Shakthi’ in hand but that was an offer accepted during the making of ‘Saleem’ itself while no other director knocked her door except Puri, post ‘Saleem.’

Now, the crux matter is that Ileana turned sentimental and feels more attached towards Jagan which by every means could make her land into his next project with Mahesh Babu. Here is the new twist Ileana who never admits for rebates in remuneration is also known to have declared a special discount package for Puri for the warmth attitude poured during her rough patch. That is how Puri pocketed Ileana into his inner pocket making her busy and safe for next two movies!

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