Young Hero's irritating Gay attitude

Fri 15th Oct 2010 09:39 AM
Young Hero's irritating Gay attitude
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Advent of metro culture has its own adverse impacts on society and the major one which is throwing its roots deeper is ‘Gay’ culture. The first and foremost affected is the fashion and cinema industry. It has been now a primary discussion in cine circles about a young hero famous for love stories is showing this ‘Gay’ attitude to the core.

Debuting with a hit movie, our hero is facing tough job these days and it is termed desperation turned ugly interest on males for which many of his present movie unit members are suffering in his hands. Loosening the shirt buttons of his close unit members, awkward looks, placing the hand on wrong places with a smiling face…team members of this movie are known to be running away from the place wherever this lean structured hero is arriving.

If any body of you got him right, just stay away from such kind of heroes.

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