Nagam serves No Trust notice on T, disregarded

Published: Sat 04th Jun 2011 05:50 AM
Nagam serves No Trust notice on T, disregarded
Nagam serves No Trust notice on T, disregarded
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Suspended Telugu Desam Party MLA Nagam Janardhan Reddy on Saturday issued a No Confidence Motion notice on the separate Telangana statehood demand to Speaker Nadendla Manohar.

However, the Speaker adjourned the House indefinitely without accepting the notice.

In his notice, Mr Janardhan Reddy stated that the state government has failed to honour the promise it had made to people of Telangana and he was hence serving the notice for the No Trust Motion.

Mr Janardhan Reddy told media persons at Assembly Media Point that he had served no Confidence motion notice on the state government as it failed to fulfill the election promise of Telangana state formation and it has lost the confidence of people.

He called upon Telangana leaders from the Congress and the Telugu Desam Party to make concerted efforts towards the Telangana state formation.

The senior leader also stated that elected representatives would lose their right to govern in Telangana if they failed to act on state formation.

The notice was signed by MLAs Jogu Ramanna and Harishwar Reddy.

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